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My dog Patsy
(also known as "Das Hundt") Sadly she died in April 2014, a few months after I started this website.

Hi there!

My very own dotcom!

And it's the real thing; none of this free web hosting crap with ads on your page and paltry upload and download limits.

Like anything else to do with computers, if you wait long enough it the price and performance tend to run off in different directions. This site has unlimited upload and download and cost me all of AU$122 for three years, including domain registration!

I can put all my files on here for easy download with no annoying spruik boxes.

Update 7 Jan 2017:
OK three years have elapsed, and it doesn't really look like I've done much with my this page. The truth is, Gridhoster's free pages are easier to work with, you can have as many as you want, and they're well, you know, free! . They are somewhat clunky to use, but once you get the hang of it, they're perfectly functional for most applications. Plus if I stop paying for this site, it "evaporates" while the geocities sites are permanent!

I still make a lot of use of this web site, but mainly for uploading files for public download, so people don't get annoying spam when they access them. It's nice to be able to unrestrictedly hot-link to images instead of having to go through complicated upload routines.

So there is actually a lot going on on this site, but it's all below the "surface"....